Feb 21, 2009

Weekly Macro

Well, I did want to take a closeup of a flower, but instead this caught my eye this week...
Asoka - Saraca indica - Asoka


Sue Swift said...

Lovely lines. What is asoka exactly? It's not a plant I know.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

I like it Chandramouli, mild and calm colours.

Have a great Saturday/ Tyra (at work :-)...)

Randy Emmitt said...

Very nice photo. You would find it nicer if you used a larger lens like an 180mm macro lens it would clear the clutter from the background and make the focus more on the subject. Check out my latest post to see what I mean on the plant hopper.

MarionL said...

Your beautiful photo brings to my mind the last two stanzas from a poem by Robert Frost, "Leaves Compared With Flowers":

I bade men tell me which in brief,
which is fairer, flower or leaf.
They did not have the wit to say,
Leaves by night and flowers by day.

Leaves and bark, leaves and bark
to lean against and hear in the dark.
Petals I may have once pursued.
Leaves are all my darker mood.

Chandramouli S said...

It is a tree - Saraca indica/Jonesia asoka - with fragrant flowers that kind of flowers similar to Ixora. It is unfortunately vulnerable in conservation status - very near to becoming endangered.


That's the young leaf of Asoka tree. It looks a pleasant green when completely mature - I mean when fully grown. LOL! Actually it was a great day at work. Thank you. Have a great weekend!

Thank you, Randy. My camera is very basic and doesn't have an option to add/change lenses, unfortunately. I'd go crazy if I had such accessories! Wow! Those butterfly pictures are stunning! I see what you mean - wish I could take such wondrous shots too! [sigh]

Aha! Thank you so much for sharing those lines, Marion. Isn't Robert Frost a magician with words! How beautifully he weaves the words as if it were meant to be so! Thank you so much, again!

Kanak Hagjer said...

The leaves are lovely! I've always been fascinated by tender leaves of this colour. Don't they remind you of tender mango leaves?

Anonymous said...

They are very pretty leaves, even without a flower. I was going to ask what it was from, but I see you answered someone else that it came from a tree that is endangered.

James (Digtoplant) said...

Chennai must be blessed with plants and you picture them well

Wayne Stratz said...

It is good to listen to one's eye!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Interesting shape for a leaf and you captured it so well, too;)

Chandramouli S said...

I was thinking of the same, Kanak. It DOES look like tender mango leaves. Thank you :)

Thank you, Robin. Sad that such a beautiful tree is going to become endangered if left as it is! Its flowers have a wonderful fragrance.

It definitely is blessed and I feel the same, James. Thank you.

Thank you so much, Wayne and Jan :)

Dawn said...

Your camera is like mine, macro is something I'm trying to get. Lovely looking leaf

Chandramouli S said...

In a basic camera like mine, macro's pretty simple - just focus and click, just that you need to try it several times to get the focus right. Thank you for dropping by, Dawn. Glad you liked it.

Petra said...

Hello again, now we have passed the month of Aquarius (Vattumannen for my swedish pals)....Fishes next....longing for your next explanation. ;o)
Well, the last pic on my blog shows the reaity, no lense-trick or something else. My elves are from the fairytales and in this fantasy-world you (me in this particular case) never need to follow the real proportions.
My figures look a bit like the ones you can meet in my favorite books of Narnia and The lords of the rings... May I never wake up to reality, hahaha.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Chandramouli S said...

I'm waiting for my garden to reveal its thoughts about Pisces too.
About the elf, I did like it and I am a great fan of Lord of the Rings too! Tolkien is my favorite write, but I'd imagined elves as majestic people but you did the elves like funny (I like that too) lil' ones. I'd love to see Gandalf (my favorite character) from your eyes too!

Have a great weekend.

Phillip said...

Great photo!

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you, Phillip. glad you liked it.