Aug 22, 2009

When would you come to me?

Months before, as some of you know, I tried what people said was impossible – germinating strawberries in my area. I got doubtful glances that said, “C’mon! Why waste time?”

But I was determined. My theory was, “Strawberries do well in Sun and don’t need a cold dormant period.” So why can’t I grow them? I told myself that I can and did sow some months ago only to watch weeds growing in that pot – no sign of strawberries.

I took a break and again sowed some two week before when the temperature cooled down. One week – the pot remained dormant. The second week was welcomed by Varsha’s delightful rain. Did that kill the unprotected seeds? [sigh]

Why wouldn’t you come to me, ye’ strawberries?

“I’m here with full of blooms!” replied the Jasmine, but my mind was preoccupied with the images of reddish berries.

“Oh, I can cheer you up with my orange blooms!” said Mexican Sunflower but I simply turned away.

“Look at me! Your favorite blue! I’ve regrown for you!” said the Butterfly Peas but my eyes yearned to see the yellow blooms.

“Here you go! I have yellow blooms too!” said the anonymous visitor, but I wanted to taste the juicy pulp of the ‘berries.

“Here I am, your favorite berry like grapes! I’ve recovered and am healthy now!”

[sigh] I simply poured a mug of water and turned away, disheartened that the strawberries haven’t germinated.

I am still waiting. “Why wouldn’t you come to me, ye’ strawberries?” With that plea to the bare pot, I descended downstairs. So anyone know the trick to get them come to me?

It's the same with my future African Grey too. Seems an AG would never own me, but against all hopes, I keep praying everyday and dreaming of cuddly grey in my hands.
One of my budgies would circle around me as if to say, "I'm here for you," but my ears wanted to hear those words from a parrot.Moments later, Shuka jumped onto my fingers saying, "Who could be more cuter than me?" but my eyes wanted to see a bigger grey bird.Oh, well, you could always own an Indian Ringneck! It'd be cool too. Told my twin inside me, but I couldn't just accept it.
Okay, how about the Cockatiel that can whistle and sing to you on your birthday! "Nah!" I dismissed.
Why wouldn't you come to me, AG?