Feb 26, 2009

The treasured Couple

Anyone recognize this?

Okay, this?

No? Those who’ve read my initial posts in this blog might, and also some of my posts did feature this couple. Ah! Isn’t that a clue? Couple? Okay… Let me go a step further…

Yes, yes! That’s a bloom.

The couple finally decided to display their love! Though I wouldn’t say I had given up on them, I’d say I wasn’t so confident about them flowering or at least not so soon and

One fine day, my mom, after watering the plants came down with excitement saying, “They’ve given out little pinkish blooms!”

“Yea, I know. The Zinnias. Their blooms have grown smaller. I know, I made a mistake by sowing cornflower in their pots. Cornflower has occupied the pot and reduced the Zinnias’ size. May be I should transplant them to a separate pot,” I said, my eyes still closed.

“No! Not that! It’s the ––– that’ve bloomed!”

Opening one of my eyes partly, I said groggily, “What?”

“Yea, they have lil’ pink blooms!”

I sat upright. The tiredness was gone. The heaviness in my eyes due to working all night was forgotten. I grabbed my camera and dashed to our terrace, taking two or three steps at a time.

“I thought they’d give out bigger blooms…” my mom told me. Who cares! It blooming is great news in itself! I thought as I ran up.

When I reached the small haven, I was so filled with delight. A warmth spread through me and under the hot sun, the pinkish blooms looked cool.

Over the past week the couple went crazy, displaying their beauty proudly. Yes, they’re the Jequirity Couple! The ones that were grown from the seeds and treasured!

Jequirity - Abrus precatorius - Gunja

Feb 21, 2009

Weekly Macro

Well, I did want to take a closeup of a flower, but instead this caught my eye this week...
Asoka - Saraca indica - Asoka

Feb 19, 2009

The Foundation of Creation

His head, his shoulders, and his lucid breast,
Glisten with stars; and when his urn inclines,
Rivers of light brighten the watery track.

This is your month, O’ independent ones! Being the friendly and honest ones, you are the epitomes of gentle and patient ones.

Ixora - Ixora coccinea

Crape Jasmine - Tabernaemontana divaricata 'Flore Pleno'

O’ exuberant ones! You dream a lot, which of course leads to too many promises and plan for your future a lot.

Arabian Jasmine 'Belle of India' - Jasminum sambac var. 'Belle of India'

You symbolize the pitcher of water – the sheath within which the life energy dwells. It is over water – as a general inundation, that the creator reclines after the deluge (according to Hindu Myth) and hence it serves as the foundation of Creation. You ARE the water - the life!

Arabian Jasmine 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany' - Jasminum sambac var. 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany'

You work best in group projects provided you’re the leader of the team.

Rose - Rosa

Always offering a friendly hand, one always treasures your relationship.

Wingpod Purslane - Portulaca umbraticola

Aquarius – a pitcher with water flowing from it is related with the cosmic-life.

Chrysanthemum - Chrysanthemum indicum - Sevantikâ

It is predicted that you'll discover the ‘real you’ and your potential this year.

Bell Weed - Dipteracanthus prostratus

Since this year, your materialistic needs met fluctuating-ly, you need to be organized, which’d help you keep this year smooth.

Ixora - Ixora coccinea

By the end of this year, you'll be ready to take things in life to next level, so good luck!

Rose - Rosa

Feb 17, 2009

Weekly Macro

This week I chose this beautiful flower, which is actually a weed, but a beauty nonetheless. We acquired it from one of our neighbors (who 'd literally pluck plants out of her garden and stuff them into our hands when we - me and my mom, say, "Oooh! That's beautiful!" Yes, that's the cue for her. No matter what we say, she wouldn't listen. Isn't that sweet?).
Bell Weed - Dipteracanthus prostratus
This flower has this unique texture and it's extra special to me as it's Blue! Give me a bloom that's a shade of blue and I'd snatch it from your hands :D.
Goggling around, I learnt is fact from wikipedia: "Believed to be anticancer against the epidermis of the nasopharynx region and slightly hypoglycemic."

Feb 12, 2009

Autobiography of the Ugly Duckling

Hello, Everyone! I am one of the earliest inhabitants of Plantville, but infamous one though. I was severed off my mother a year ago along with my siblings. I shouted at the gardener – “Oy! I’m very small! Not yet. Wait for some time!” in vain, only to be severed and plopped into a plastic bag of sand and other essential food along with my siblings, who were happily settling themselves in their tents. Well, they would be, ‘coz they’re well grown and can show off their buds or flowers and some would mature in a matter of days, unlike me, who looked like an ugly duckling!
But I remembered what my mom told me before I was severed, “Honies! Listen to momma! No matter how hard your future be, always be optimistic and repeat to yourself during times of hardship – ‘This’ll pass by’” and that’s what I kept repeating to myself, but it seemed that my hardships wouldn’t pass by ever! Many people visited me in the nursery and excitedly picked my brothers and sisters throwing a disgustful look at me.
Finally it was a hot summer day when I was picked up by my dear owner. I was so excited, at the same time terrified too. May be he was going to throw me away after seeing that I looked ugly? I shut my eyes tight, praying silently, repeating the mantra my mom taught me. In few minutes, the earth shook around me and wind blew hard. My heart sank! May be I am being thrown into the dumpster! Oh no! I opened my eyes to see that there were other friends around me and I was in my owner’s scooterette!
I was picked! I was picked! The fear flew away with the wind. In a matter of hours, I was tucked into my new, spacious room! Wow! That felt great – to have your own room! Days later, a friend arrived. He looked harmless, but in a matter of few days, he grew like a monster, demanding the entire room! My owner soon plucked him out, giving back the room to myself! I didn’t live in glory in Plantville though. No one looked at me when I came in. No red carpets, or band orchestra!
My ancestors didn’t feature Old Hag’s (Iruvâkshî) stories and all around me, my friends bloomed crazily. Few mocked at me too and said, “He’s never gonna mature.”
I felt like crying, but didn’t do so. I didn’t want to express my emotions and make myself week and so I held my head high. My owner always smiled at me which made me feel great … special! Then came the twins who shared my room. I was initially wary of them. I wasn’t all that glad they’re gonna share my huge room and I silently prayed that they’d go away. Somehow they’ll be plucked away like my previous monstrous friend.
That didn’t seem to happen and soon the twins grew fast. Rains came by… Autumn blew by… Winter gushed forwards… The twins and I became thick friends. They always told me how beautiful I was and how beautiful I’d grow into soon, bearing blooms that’d shut the others’ mouths. Though I knew they were saying that just to console me, the words felt great. By Winter’s strong rains, the twins began bearing flowers and they looked beautiful.I sighed and turned my face away. Before the winter went past, my twins were infested. I was alarmed for them. Our owner tried his best to treat them, but the life was over for them. Somehow, I felt guilty. Was it my prayers that brought this to them? I cried as they were pulled out. I felt wretched and sulked always. No matter what my owner whispered to me, I couldn’t get the thought that I killed my buddies out of my mind.
Weeks later, one fine morning, I felt different! Something has changed in me… I felt that I’ve grown! I looked at myself and realized that I was bearing buds! Like my friends told me! A week later, I was all blooming and became the center of attraction. That felt awesome! Everyone said how beautiful I looked. How great my flower looked! How different I looked now! Wow! That feels awesome! If only my friends were here to share my joy… [sigh]
Desert Rose - Adenium obesum

Feb 4, 2009

Desert Island Plant Challenge

Hello, everyone! Past weeks has been too busy for me to check others posts or even update my garden’s growth. In fact, I’ve been ignoring my garden a lot lately, thanks to my mom who’s been maintaining it well. I wanted to join you all at the Desert Island and finally got time to sit down and choose my plants.

First thing that came to my mind when thinking of which plant to choose was that I need one flower that’d give the hot desert a cool atmosphere and also serve another purpose apart from cooling our eyes. The first plant that came to me is the generously flowering Plumbago, whose parts are used for treating warts, broken bones, and wounds. It is also believed to ward off bad dreams! So here’s my first choice –

Plumbago - Plumbago auriculata - Nîlacitraka

Secondly, I can’t live without worshipping everyday and I’d need a flower fit for the purpose and since I’m stuck to just three, I should choose a plant that can flower abundantly everyday. I thought of Rose, but that doesn’t give flowers every other day… Hmmm… Hibiscus? Ermmm… Yea may be, but again it doesn’t give blooms in plenty though it does so daily… Four O’ Clock! DUH! That’d flower only in the evening… What’d I do in the morning? Hmmm… Aha! I just know which one to choose – Butterfly Pea! That’d please the gods and attracts bees and butterflies!

Butterfly Pea - Clitoria ternatea - Aparâjita

What next…. What next… ? Since we’re in desert and my other two plants would need water in abundance – at least the Butterfly Pea does, I don’t want to waste too much of it and I thought of saving the resource for my other blogger friends’ delicate plants. So what would be the perfect choice? There’s no thinking! It’s the perfect Oleander that demands very less water and attention!

Oleander - Nerium oleander - Karavîra

Phew! That was difficult! I wish I could’ve brought all my other plants – “O’ sweeties, I’ll miss you all for some time, but’ll be back soon. Wish my happy journey. B-bye!”

Feb 1, 2009

Weekly Macro

This week it's my favorite ROSE! And it's the mini Rose! These usually bloom in bunch and are such a treat when they bloom (they've bloomed only twice since I got them). I'm hoping to get another bunch this month. Let's see, but meanwhile, let's enjoy this.
And, btw, everyone wait for me. I'll join with you all in our desert tour soon...