Dec 13, 2013

What shall I name it?

After what seems like eternity, I think I am back into this wonderful blogging world. I was touched when many people pinged me in my gmail asking me as to when i'd start blogging again. There have been few who literally demanded that I start blogging soon. I was taken aback by such requests. I never thought my blog would attract so many people. I started this blog mainly to record the happenings in my garden and eventually I began enjoying it. I loved weaving stories featuring my plants. To all of those who have supported, my I don't think I can be grateful by just saying a thank you, but what else do I have to give? So, Thank you so much everyone for supporting me.
As to why I stopped blogging, well, there have been lots of reasons, none of which sound valid enough, now that I come to think about it. I know that we all blog to please ourselves first and it makes no point to continue if it becomes a burden to blog. Whatever the reason(s), I am glad that I came back and I wouldn't promise you all that I'll continue, as last time I promised and I never kept my word, so let's see...
Though there was no activity in here, my garden went through lots of changes. Many of those green beauties left me due to my laziness and weather. But quite a few survived. I think we have a lot to learn from our green friends. No matter how near they are near their end, they never give up trying. I was surprised by my Pink Oleander which was surprisingly attacked by some strange disease (fungus? I don't know) and I thought I had to throw her away and replace her. I stripped her of all her leaves with just the sickly-looking sprouts in the top. I just couldn't think of disposing her, as she's one plant who has flowered profusely no matter if I fertilize her or not. A sudden change in weather this summer revived her.
She began with fresh sprouts and looked healthy within two weeks. Hurray! She's doing well now.
Well, I have really lots to say. Lots of stories and lessons learnt from our green friends, but I don't want to make this post too long. Meet you all in my next post. Once again, thank you all, for your support.