Mar 29, 2009

The Unexpected… Laziness for good

May be some of you are rolling your eyes on seeing the title, “Of course, he’s gonna talk about another flower that bloomed in his garden UNEXPECTEDLY. Okay, so what time?”

Ermmm… It’s not the unexpected. It’s the Amaryllis again. It bloomed again! In India, or at least in the part of India where I live in, people hardly talk about repotting or replanting flowers (I mean flowering plants). As some of you might remember, the Amaryllis after the first set of blooms gave out just another stalk after sooooooo… long and bloomed again. And then, the pot looked really pathetic. Even the leaves looked sick and all that. Then I decided to repot it.

I went online and did a bit of googling and ‘studied’ about repotting Amaryllis, but that was it. I never went about doing it. Every time I water my plants, I’d look at the pot of few aged leaves and dried leaves sticking out of few bulbs. I almost wanted not to water it and let it give up, but the gardener in me censured me. What the heck! Here, your share of water. I’d pour a mug of water in it and immediately turn to another pot that I’d care for intently, pulling out a wasted bud or a dried leaf.

The Gardener in me – ‘This’d happen every other day… Days rolled by thus that weaved into weeks… Weeds started renting the Amaryllis’ room, but the Watering Zombie didn’t care. He’d pour yet another mug and promise himself that he’d repot the bulbs the coming weekend and that never seemed to come. So, guys see what kind of a person you’ve known till now? A Watering Zombie! That’s what he was! [Shaking my head] I know, I know. He deserves a garrote!’

ENOUGH! Mr. Gardener! [whispering] He’s a mental. Hope you didn’t all that he said. I’m no WATERING ZOMBIE! Hey! I feed my plants, pluck out dried leaves, wasted buds, clean their pots…

The Gardener in me – ‘All plants?’

Errmmm… I don’t have enough time!

The Gardener in me – ‘Yea, like you don’t!’

[whispering] Ignore him. Anyways, so after weeks of ignorance, something great happened! My Amaryllis gave out a stalk with buds! That too without food for weeks! Want to hear the unexpected stuff? Days later, a bulb nearby gave out another stalk! Now that was really something! I boasted to the gardener in me, ‘See? After all my laziness turned out to be for good!’

The Gardener in me – ‘[shaking my head] Some people never realize, do they? And then he started feeding them, not even looking at me once, guilty of his conduct.’

Want to hear more unexpected stuff? Remember the unknown fan-like lily variety that sat in one of the pots as if was some Japanese fern?

Do you see something?


YES! I’ll soon its identity! I’ll soon know who this inhabitant of Plantville IS! Do any of you know him already? May be one of his siblings live over at your Haven(s)?