Apr 29, 2011


As recently published in The Pâdapa Times, I am in love with roses. With the spring in, I thought it’s right time to introduce some to Plantville. Well, today is the day of few words, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
I have no idea what cultivars these roses are - thanks to people at nursery who are not concerned about all that silly (according to them) details. I wish I knew their names - I mean their individual identities.
 (The roses did appreciate the recent spring showers)

Apr 25, 2011

The Pâdapa Times

I am excited to announce the publishing of The Pâdapa Times. The Senior Editor, Ms Pratika Redleaf, of Plantville has been planning this for long but she finally came to me with her first article few days ago and I was excited and thought our green friends and we would be interested in what happens in the green world. So here were are: the first publication of The Pâdapa Times. If you’re wondering, what Pâdapa (pronounced Pa as in part, da as in the (dha) water, pa again as in part) which means plants in sanskrit, so it’s The Plant Times to translate it literally.
(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Apr 11, 2011

The Green Romantic Lay

It bechanced in the Autumn of last year in a little green city of Plantville. The fall of the city was not yet conceived at that time, when butterflies loved visiting the city and reveled in its beauty.

It was then that the most unlikely event bechanced – the love of the immortal (perennial) and the mortal (annual). The love between them was magical though. The moment both saw each other, the air was charged with love.

Ms rosa-sinesis fell for Mr annuus' charm.
(Sunflower - Helianthus annuus - Sûryamukhî)
In his quirky talks and charming manners, Hibiscus felt young again.
Never was there a day that they fought with each other and were the perfect couple of Plantville.
Hibiscus' friends counseled her, tried to speak sense into her but her love for him was blind. Honey couldn't see her friend doing this to herself.
(Cape Honeysuckle - Tecomaria capensis)
She coaxed lovely mortal dames to court sunny, but his love for Hibiscus could not be broken!
(Eggplant - Solanum melongena - Hingula)
(Cypress Vine - Ipomoea quamoclit - Kâmalatâ)
One night, when their lord (moon) was radiant and full and the auspicious constellations were bright and fair, the young lad proposed to the wise beauty.
She felt rejuvenated. Delight filled every cell of her and she bloomed crazily, showing her assent.
(Hibiscus - Hibiscus rosa-sinesis - Prâtikâ)
Then was it decided that the two would be married. The divine knots would be tied. Priest Bee was called, friends and kin were invited.
(Arabian Jasmine 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany' - Jasminum sambac var. 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany' - Jâtî)
(Bride Whirling Butterfly - Gaura lindheimeri 'The Bride')
Lady Autumn wove a lovely robe for her daughter and Athel Summer adorned his son with exquisite garments.
(Ixora [Jungle geranium] - Ixora coccinea)
Gerbera sang a lovely tune
(Gerber daisy - Gerbera Jamesonii)
and the Oleanders danced about.
(Oleander - Nerium oleander - Karavîra)

The butterflies too put a show.

The Priest Bee began chanting the incantations 
and came around the city.
He wanted to know if anyone had any objections in this divine union.
(Holy Basil - Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn. - Tulasî)
(Amaryllis Lily - Hippeastrum hybrid)
None looked up except the Old Hag (one of the oldest denizen of Plantville who claims that she's been alive for aeons). Wise one that she was, she remained silent, not wanting to meddle with the ways of Fate.
(Arabian Jasmine 'Maid of Orleans' - Jasminum sambac var. 'Maid of Orleans' - Jâtî)
Finally, Priest Bee declared them Husband and Wife and he said, "May the Man kiss his Bride!"
Everyone applauded for them and thus the perfect couple were married.
Nights rolled by clock ticked away, but the couple couldn't make a child. Everyone suggested that they consult the Old Hag about it and they did so, only to hear, "Your Fate is sealed!"
Hibiscus cried and sought the Priest Bee's help, who tried to help them.
Hibiscus could never bear Sunflower's child. Sun dawned and set many times and she knew that the fate that the Old Hag was talking about was nigh.
Sunny showed signs of wither. Hibiscus nursed him and tried to make his departure easy. She eased his old age pain with her tears.
She lamented for she couldn't borrow her youth to him, but such was thedesign of their creator.

As designed the handsome Sunny soon left Plantville as he'd served his assigned time in his mortal Being. Weep she did not, on that day, but held her calm. From then on, she'd bloom crazily starting from his birth day, until the coming of Athel Winter, in his honor.