Feb 1, 2009

Weekly Macro

This week it's my favorite ROSE! And it's the mini Rose! These usually bloom in bunch and are such a treat when they bloom (they've bloomed only twice since I got them). I'm hoping to get another bunch this month. Let's see, but meanwhile, let's enjoy this.
And, btw, everyone wait for me. I'll join with you all in our desert tour soon...


MarionL said...

Very beautiful little Roses!!!

I'm planting a new Rose bush today, a Mr. Lincoln variety, which I've had before and it died after many years of bringing me joy. It produces a velvety deep red, large, long-stemmed Rose that smells heavenly.

I love this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: "Earth laughs in flowers".

tina said...

I really like your weekly macros. I will also look for you on the island soon.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What cute little roses. Hope they bloom lots for you soon!

Anonymous said...

I have a cute little rose growing on my kitchen window ledge this winter, and I hope it does as well as your pretty one!

Linda Lunda said...

Sooo sooo sweeet!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Great colour. May they go on blooming.

Jamie and Randy said...

What a pretty rose! I've never tried growing miniature roses. Maybe I should give it a shot.--Randy

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you, Marion. I looked up the Mr. Lincoln variety - looks awesome - I think it's what we call Bangalore Rose here. What a beautiful quote! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Hi Tina, thank you. I've chosen my picks, I'm coming, I'm coming. Wait up.

Catherine: I hope so too. I guess it's because I've not fed them for sometime now with flower food. That reminds me.

Robin: It sure will Robin. I'll be looking forward to seeing its blooms in your future posts.

Linda: Aren't they! I love 'em. You should see them in person. They look like tiny lil' babies smiling at you and also feel like babies.

Kanak: Thank you :). I love red roses especially.

Randy: You should definitely, Randy. They're such a treat. As I said, they feel great to touch. Not even the bigger ones feel so soft!

Anonymous said...

What adorable miniature roses! That shade of red is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chandramouli,

Cute looking roses. I have a plant of the same color but yet to bloom. Got a preview here :D

BTW, how is your seedstarting/bulb starting coming up?.. Did those strawberries, crocus germinate?


Sunita said...

Lovely colour, Chandramouli. And you got it in triplicate! Wow!

Chandramouli S said...

Hey Racquel, They're my fave too! Thank you for stopping by.

gg: Do post your blooms when they show themselves up. The Crocuses are showing up, but my strawberries didn't - those soil blocks were a flop!

Sunita: They usually do in fives or sevens, but this time only a three :( Something's better than nothing, eh! :)

Antigonum Cajan said...


Would you tell us something about
your pot selection? I noticed they are all round. Why? Do you create your own soil? Or buy it?

One third of mine are regtangular, fiberglass.
The rest are all rubber/plastic, and a couple of cement ones.

I stay away from clay since it would require too much time at
watering. However, with
agavaceas and cacti there is no choice.
Until next.