Mar 28, 2011

Update on the larvae

Finally, I was successful (well, not completely, but I’ve never come this far ever) in following a larva’s growth.

The orange one with spines and tentacles grew into a beauty, with lovely white and black stripes and looked healthy. 
The tiny guy that I picked off the Adenium bud was not to be seen, but the next day, I found him grown to about one and half or so inches long 
and looking good. 
A bit of googling told me that it could be Oleander Hawk Moth – let’s see…
(Damn! This guy has almost destroyed the plant in just two days!)
The orange spiny looked well the next day too
But the next day, I found him like this.

It didn’t look right to me, but I didn’t want to disturb and left it like so. Later that evening I found it in the same position. I was afraid that he might have already breathed out his last breath. I nudged him with a leaf – nothing happened. No resistance or movement of any sort… Oh My God! That was bad, as I prayed that it be a Gulf Fritillary that I’ve spotted in my neighborhood. [SIGH] So that’s the end of it… 

But the green one is growing well and today morning he chomped off my Adenium plant completely. I never forecasted that he’d have such a huge appetite! 
I transferred him to the Oleander and when I drove back home for lunch, I rushed upstairs to check on him and the hungry rascal climbed to the top of the plant, happily perching over the Oleander buds. Now, that’s no good, yes, I want him to grow but not at the expense of losing my dear Oleander.
 (Looks like an alien, doesn't he?)
I plan to put him in a pot full of oleander leaves. Hope he likes it and that way my Oleander would be away from peril too.
I will keep you all posted about his growth. I pray my dear Adenium sprouts leaves. It’s a gift from my dear friend and I don’t want to lose it!!!

Mar 22, 2011

Ideas for giveaway


"...By the ways, to celebrate my comeback after long to my garden blog and the starting of a new Knitting and Crochet blog, I decided to do something special. I want to host a giveaway of patterns/final products. I need your suggestions. What would you like me to make? You may send links to photos that you’d like me to crochet or knit or just describe them to me.

It would take a while before I give them away as I gotta design them and knit/crochet. It’s gonna be fun!"

You don't have to be a knitter or a crocheter to suggest ideas for this giveaway.