Jan 7, 2009

The Final Addition of ’08

Among the showers of Hemanta (Winter Season), he was sown into the earth. He was happy with the continuous feed by sun and light showers from Hemanta and came out immediately, but was threatened the next day by Hemanta’s fierce daughter (Hurricane). He looked around to see that his siblings didn’t make it. He was alone in his room, with water pouring incessantly. There was no sign of sun and he grew nervous. The adults around him were braced against the heavy showers but were able to manage, but he was shivering with cold.
After what seemed to be a long four days, sun finally peeped out at him. His cute little face litup with a smile and he gave out a bud! He was already mature in a matter of two weeks! It seemed so long but it wasn’t. Finally, with sun growing brighter with days, he was happy to show himself off.Days passed by as his newly introduced brothers hatched out of their seeds. Glad at the company, he gave a toothy smile. ... and... soon bloomed slowly into a beautiful smile. Now, he’s a happy bloomer in Plantville, rejoicing in the happy days of 2009!That's Zinnia - the final addition of 2008 to Plantville!


Linda Lunda said...

The Zinnia is a beautiful and comes in a lots of colors and shapes!
I have seen them a loot in Thailand when we are there.
In Sweden they are grown as annuals.. and die in the winter.
I cant vote in your voting... I want you to wright about everything there.

Chandramouli S said...

Oh, thank you so much for your encouragement, Linda. I was hoping to see different colored Zinnias and I four five of them from the color mix pkt., but this is the only one that survived the heavy rains. Others didn't even germinate, but I'm glad that this did.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story about the little zinnia that survived all odds. :) These are wonderful annuals to have in the garden. I forgot to plant them last year, but I bought seed for this upcoming season.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Racquel, You're true. These beauties are a must have!

Wayne Stratz said...

I grow zinnias most years myself. The "toothy smile" photo is a favorite from this post.

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you so much, Wayne. Would love to see your Zinnias.