Dec 31, 2008

Greeny and Bloomy 2008

So, the Year 2008 was so bloomy and greeny!

Purple Allamanda - Allamanda blanchetii

Desert Rose - Adenium obesum

Rangoon Creeper - Quisqualis indica (right); Asoka - Saraca indica (left)

Though it was built late in the year (during the summer), Plantville grew up so fast and healthy.

Butterfly Pea - Clitoria ternatea - Aparâjita

Cockscomb Crested - Celosia argentea var. cristata

A lovely splash of colors adorned the mini city, welcoming visitors and growing along with them well.

Blue Morning Glory - Ipomoea nil - Krishnabîja

Mexican Flame Vine - Senecio confusus

Plants are the most adorable pets who reward you well, aren’t they? They do survive a day’s starving and regain back soon with proper attention the next day!Plumbago - Plumbago auriculata - Nîlacitraka

Isn’t that the most positive factor about having Plants for Pets?

Oleander - Nerium oleander - Karavîra

They make no noises, would damage your belongings, don’t need to be walked, and many more attractive factors make them a perfect choice as pets. They in fact cheer you up when you're moody with their beautiful greens and blooms.

Wax Rose - Pereskia bleo

They definitely did for me! I wasn’t content with one and on and on grew their population, crowding the Plantville. Some died and some were thrown out for misbehavior.

Sunflower - Helianthus unknownus :D

Cucumber - Cucumis sativus - Trapushpa

Some were tortured badly by their worst enemies, but always recovered and were grateful to me as ever.

Hibiscus - Hibiscus rosa-sinesis - Japâ

I'm going to talk less today and let you enjoy this year’s cheerful pictures of the denizens of Plantville…

Chilli - Capsicum frutescens


Crape Jasmine - Tabernaemontana divaricata 'Flore Pleno'

Purple False eranthemum - Pseuderanthemum carruthersii

Four O'clock - Mirabilis jalapa - Krishnakeli

Cape Honeysuckle - Tecomaria capensis

Ixora - Ixora coccinea

Canna - Canna spp.

Desert Petunia - Ruellia brittoniana

Zephyr Lily - Zephyranthes candida

Rain Lily pink - Zephyranthes grandiflora

Yellow Zephyr Lilies - Zephyranthes sulphurea

May the next year bring us all and our green pets, happy, prosperous, and bloomy surprises!


Sue Swift said...

Nice review. Just dropped in to say Happy New Year. Hope 2009 brings you everything you wish for - and even more blooms than in 2008.

Sue Swift said...

Just dropped in to say Happy New Year. Hope 2009 brings you everything you wish for

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Sue, Been long! Nice to see you back again :). Happy New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

Mouli, what a great and bloomy year you've had!! Thanks for the flower parade.

OMG, Mexican Flame Vine. Must have one. Just one of each, actually.

Best and brightest in 2009!!

Thanks For 2 Day said...

You have shown some gorgeous blooms Chandramouli...just beautiful! I really love the hybiscus plant and the HUGE bud it forms right before the bloom...
I hope 2009 will be a very good year for you and yours:-)

Sunita said...

Happy New Year, Chandramouli. Wow! Plantville is really flourishing. You've got so many new plants... I'm sure you must've had a great time selecting them.
Here's hoping you have many more new wannabe citizens lining up to join your green land.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Greg, You definitely should have it. It's so maintenance free and highly rewarding when cared for. I'd be glad to send you some cuttings if I could.

Hi Jan, Thank you so much. Yes, the Hibiscus-es are gorgeous when before blooming. Even though they're constantly a victim of many predators, I couldn't give up on them when seeing their buds and flowers.

Hi Sunita, Happy New Year! I never knew I had so many plants in my garden, really. I just bought some, sowed some and let some in and lo, it grew! Only when I was writing that post did I realize that I have so many and many more that've not beeen posted it (I saved them for future exclusive posts). Thank you for your kind comments :).

Anonymous said...

You have some gorgeous blooms right now! My garden is brown & tan with no sign of color yet. :) Happy New Year!

Gisele Schoene said...

Happy new year! I was very happy to see so many nice and colorful flowers, especially the tropical ones I can't grow here but I grew up with in Brazil. I wish you a bountiful 2009.

tina said...

That Mexican flame vine had me at hello! Love the colors. Your helianthus unknownus is a new one too:) Too cute! I'll have to remember that one. Have a great day!

Jamie and Randy said...

Beatiful photos, each and everyone. I have to agree with Tina about the Mexican Flame Vine- Love it, lover it, love it!--Randy

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed seeing what is blooming in your corner of the world, so different than mine! Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my blog.

Chandramouli S said...

Racquel: Sad to hear that, but I'm sure this spring colors would splash your garden. Good luck with that.

Gisele: Happy New Year again! Yes, the tropical ones are exotic, but I envy the temperate gardeners for their pansies, azaleas, and many more! And yea, apples! Dang! We can't grow that here :(

Tina: Mexican Flame Vine is still flowering! Not crazily as it used to, but a treat to the eye all the same. The unknownus had to go out sadly but it did flower profusely during its life.

Randy: Yea, the Mexican Flame Vine is a great hit among all since the first time I posted it. In fact I'd love to share a cutting of it with everyone willing to have it I'm serious about it). It's so easy to grow from cutting and would fill your space in no time.

Msrobin: I like your nest so! It's so colorful and cozy. Thank you for your kind comments :)

Rose said...

Beautiful images, Chandramouli! I think your "pets" are very happy with their home. I love the hibiscus and the blue morning glory. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you, Rose. Happy New Year to you too.

Sue said...

What beautiful blooms and buds you have!


Cosmo said...

Hi, Chandamouli--Sorry it took me so long to get over here--I've been busy vacationing--but your plants are just lovely. What are your high and low temps annually? Always wondering if and how I can grow the lovely plants I see--

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you, Sue :)

Cosmo: Welcome back :). Thank your for the kind comments. The maximum temperature would be around 42 deg. Celsius (107 F) and minimum is 23 deg. Celsius (73.4 F). Of course, it doesn't often cross 38 deg. C, but sometimes 42 has been recorded. I know that's scorching hot. Hope this summer doesn't get so hot.

Phillip said...

What a nice collection of plants! I really like the purple allamanda and the Mexican flame vine is just stunning.

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you Phillip :) The Mexican and Allamanda has started flowering again. Sadly, the sunflower had to go out :(

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Muhammad khabbab said...

great pics. i have almost all the flowers but rain lily. will try to get one this season :)

ibrahim said...

I like your hibiscus collection.. definately my favorite flower. I like planting in pots. I can rearrange whenever I feel to! :-)