Nov 21, 2008

The Twisters and Mounters

They slither… they shuffle from the heavens… they crawl about… they try to reach the sky… I’m sure you already guessed about whom I’m talking. Yes, it’s the every gardener’s favorite creepers and climbers. My love for plants began with them. If you had read my very first post, it was the Betel Creeper that initially got me started and then I wanted to have creepers, creepers and only them, but due to the lack of enough space, I had to restrict myself with a few. But someday, when I own a large space I’d fill it with almost all creepers that I get my hands on! That’s my dream!

Anyways, coming back to reality, this is the first ever creeper that I grew from the seed. Remember Mrs. and Mr. Jequirity? Well, they've grown really tall and are trying to reach the sky.Turning and twisting around each other they make a wonderful sight now.They look so delicate, elegant, and are a loving pair!

Abrus Precatorius - Gunja (Sanskrit) - Jequirity

The climbing Purple Allamanda joined the team next. He’d go up, up, and up but would never flower and one fine day with the arrival of Autumn, he surprised me with a lipstick like bud, which grew, grew, and grew and ever since he’s been flowering almost continuously.

Allamanda violacea - Purple Allamanda

To accompany him, came the glorious Morning glory from heavens. She shuffled down, delicately twisting herself around anything that touches her.

Ipomoea nil - Kalanjani (Sanskrit) - Blue Morning Glory

I almost forgot about this handsome and slithering hunk. He was sold to me in the name – Celosia. And that too by someone learned in Botany! I looked at the Bill she gave me thinking she might have spelled it wrong, but no she spelled it clearly as CELOSIA! I wasn’t an expert (nor am now) at identifying plants, but I was good enough to know that Celosia’s leaves don’t look like this and moreover they don’t climb! I saw this vine climbing and twisting about in the nursery’s arch and asked her for it, attracted by it’s beautiful orange flowers.

I waited… waited… and waited… Hoping he’d flower someday and yes, he did… And he turned out to be a pleasant SURPRISE in capitals! He was none other than the great Mr Senecio confusus (Now I see where the name Celosia came from, but it was still too much a mistake coming from a Botanist) – Mexican flame vine.

He’d slither about everywhere, flowering profusely…

His flowers initially look yellow and darken to red in a few days.

Senecio confusus - Mexican Flame Vine

Since this not being a native Indian plant, I'd like to name him Agnikana (Spark of fire)

And the most deserving member of this Vine family is Butterfly Pea! I thought I planted the couple yesterday and lo and behold! The very next day they seemed to start flowering (actually it hardly took them two weeks to start flowering). That too the lady white would flower crazily, some of her creations being extra large! Mr Blue wasn’t all that active, but he was no flop, all the same!

Clitoria ternatea - Aparajita (Sanskrit) - Butterfly Pea

I plant to train the lady white into some shape…Clitoria ternata 'Alba' - White Butterfly Pea

How shall I do it? You got any ideas?


heirloomgardener said...

Wow, I've never seen that one before. I wonder if I can buy that here.

Chandramouli S said...

heirloomgardener: Welcome to Plantville. ope your stay here entertains you and makes you comeback. Ermmm... Which one you referring to?

Rose said...

I can see why you like the climbers and creepers! I really like the Allamanda. Is that a power line the morning glory is climbing over??

Chandramouli S said...

Not a powerline. It a nylon thread, coz anything I use, she'd cut them down with her weight.
Yea the Allamanda - he's such a show!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Another great set of plants! The purple Allamanda looks stunning! So does the Mexican Flame vine (new plant for me...never seen it). Love the profusion of yellow there.
I have the blue (double) Aparajita but the white looks very pretty.

Thank you for adding Terra Farmer to your blog list. You'll be on mine too!!

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Kanak, The Mexican Flame Vine was very new to me too and as said, a surprise as well.
I'd love to send you the white seeds if you want - have collected them and have enough to give it out to people. It's always interesting to see your flowers blooming beautifully in others' gardens.
It's my pleasure, Kanak, because I always enjoy reading your blog and wanted to be immediately intimated if you had any updates and hence your addition in my blogs list.

Greg said...

I'm very impressed with that Mexican Flame vine, too. Great blog...I'll be back to follow your progress with all these wonderful vines.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Greg,
Glad you liked your stay here and the Mexican Flame Vine seems to be a hit in everyone's bloxoffice. Welcome to Plantville and hope you enjoy your stay here in future too.

Sue said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You may not be able to grow kale, but I can grow a few of your vines. I love vines, too. Nice pics!

MARIE said...

A wonderful picture story. Your climbers and creepers are beautiful.

I do not have any climbers but you have made me re-think vertical space.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Sue: Welcome to Plantville. Thanks for the kind comments. I hope you enjoy your stay in future too.

MARIE: Sure you should have them. they're such fun and it's interesting to see how they twist, twine, climb, and sprawl!

T and S said...

Your terrace garden looks beautiful especially the flowers and the creepers. your passion for gardening is beautifully depicted in your blog.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment...Thomas

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Thomas!
Thank you for your kind appreciation. I try to do my best and since being an amateur I guess I'm not doing it all right, but am learning... I love your blog and totally enjoyed it, which made me fave it.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

I visited just now and read his wonderful lizard story and then popped down to Chennai and hear I get an other fascinating story. Very nice Chandramouli. I wish I could be with you on that roof top in the warm and lovely India. On my visit to India I took some picture of some flowers that I don't know they name of would you please help me with the ID ? Tyra

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Tyra,
You're welcome here anytime :). Though it isn't a huge garden, but a small one, very dear to me.
Sure, you can send me over the pictures and will try my best to identify them all (