Nov 16, 2008

The Sun-flower

No, no… not the Sunflower, but I was referring to the Sun Flower. May be you’re thinking – Eh? Is he gone nuts?

Well, this flower is used as a metaphor for Sun. Sun is described as – Japâ-kusuma samsam (in Sanskrit), which means, He looks like the Japâ (Hibiscus rosa-sinesis) flower. They said right, as Hibiscus comes in all colors that resemble the sun in different seasons. In Brahma Purâna (one of the 18 great works in Hindu Mythology), sun is said to shine in different colors in every season. While I was reading it, I realized that I almost have all the colors in my Hibiscus-es!

Brahma Purâna says,

“During the spring (Vasanta) season, Sûrya (Sun) shines tawny,

Golden during the summer (Grîshma),

(Well, this is the yellow Hibiscus, but looks golden under sun - hope to find the right colored b soon)

And white in rainy (Varsha) season.

Bhâskara (Sun) shines yellowish during autumn (Sarad),

Coppery during winter (Haemanta),

And reddish during dewy season (Sisira).

Thus Sûrya exists in these colors in every season. According to the conditions of the seasons, Sûrya offers prosperity and abundance of food.”


Holiday Maker said...

Thank for sharing..Look like there are quite a number of species of hibiscus flowers.

I love all these colorful hibiscus especially the red hibiscus.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Holiday Maker, Welcome to Plantville!
I'm glad you liked my Hibiscus-es. Poor things have been fighting a lot with their enemies and blooming with great difficulties.
The red one was supposed to have been pulled off months ago as she seemed not to be improving at all from the day I planted her (she was rescued after being abandoned), but I couldn't do it. I waited... Well, you see the results of the patience. She's such a star now!

Wicked Gardener said...

Chandramouli - Very pretty hibiscus! I'm about to give up on them. They don't seem to bloom after their first season. I'm looking for more hardy varities.

MARIE said...

Thank you for the brief lesson in Hindu Mythology. I would not have learned this any other way. I enjoy learning about other cultures very much.

The hibiscus are gorgeous. Great GBBD post.

Chandramouli S said...

WG: So sad they aren't faring well at yours, but good luck for finding hardy ones. Even mine are struggling. They're giving out buds continuously, but aphids destroying many of them recently. They're still fighting... poor ones.

Marie: I'm glad you learned something from my blog. Yes, all the 18 Puranas (Ancient legends) are a treasure chest of information and hope to educate people more about many others in them linking them with my garden stuff.

garden girl said...

Your hibiscus are beautiful! I have one tropical hibiscus plant that I bring inside before our first frost. It will overwinter in a sunny window. My hibiscus is about 4 years old. It likes an organic fertilizer to keep blooming, and lots of water. I don't fertilize it over the winter though, and it usually doesn't bloom until it goes back outside. I like the variety of foliage the different kinds of hibiscus have. They are pretty plants even when not in bloom. Thank you for the lesson in Hindu Mythology! very interesting!

Chandramouli S said...

Garden Girl: True that they're the prettiest plants. I guess must be a great job bringing in all plants indoors and rescuing them from the harsh frosts! Phew! Sounds difficult a job.
Thanks for the kind comments :)

Dave said...

Those are very beautiful hibiscuses! I've hesitated to plant them here as most would need to be brought inside over the winter. There are a few hardier ones that might make it but I'm fearful of taking the chance. Someday perhaps! Yours look great and I like the parallel you made to Indian Mythology. It's always interesting to learn more of another person's culture.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Interesting description there. And your hibiscus blooms are so beautiful. Great shots and I love the colours!

Shady Gardener said...

You have quite the variety of hibiscus plants. All with beautiful flowers. Thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chandramouli,

You have a whole spectrum of Hibiscus. Very beautiful and excellent narration :-)


Chandramouli S said...

Dave: Hi, Dave! Welcome to Plantville. Glad you liked them. Good luck finding a hardy variety. You're lucky for you get many different colors there like the Black Beauty for example, which I plan to get somehow someday. I always try to tell people some interesting information from the Mythology as it's such a huge treasure chest. Glad you like it. :) Will try to make more interesting ones in future.

Kanak Hagjer: Thank you for the kind comments. I still want to get more colors - LOL! It's never enough for me.

Shady Gardener: Hi, Welcome to Plantville. As I said, I still want more and more colors and also trying to hyridize the ones I have. Let's see what I come up with... Hope you enjoyed your stay.

gg: Thank you for the kind comments. It's amazing that this one particular flower comes in so many exotic colors and the more I read about hybridizing it, I realize it's so easy, but just that you gotta wait. I recently hand-pollinated red on an orange one. The Orange flower dropped off today leaving behind a greenish seed pod I guess. If I'm right that'd in three to four weeks from now burst open to give out the seeds. And I hope the seed pod gives out a new hybrid variety. Let's see what I come up with. I guess I'll know that only after a year and that too only if I successfully get the seeds...