Oct 31, 2008

Mystery Unveiled

Before I talk about the mystery, I’m sorry for the long gap, was a bit too busy. Hope Miss Corn did her job well and as usual DJ screwed up. He didn’t label the plants/flowers. [sigh] He never learns.

Mystery Unveiled and the fact was bannered and hoisted up in the air. The fact first – I am a stupid! It was a hot day with the sun scorching the earth and its inhabitants with his golden rays. It was the violent-looking father’s turn to take care of his children. Though he looked well-built, with huge iron muscles and sported a fierce look, he was nice in his own ways. Whom am I talking about? Greeshma – Mr. Summer, of course! Marutas (Wind gods) whistled by carrying the fragrance in the air from flowers at a distance. One among the forty-nine (the wind gods are forty-nine in number) Marutas picked up a seed on his way and whistled along with his brothers, singing melodious tunes that were welcomed greatly in the fierce heat emanated by Greeshma.

When they reached the Plantville, they looked down at the yellow hibiscus that loved the heat that their father gave them and admired its beauty for awhile. Meanwhile the brother silently dropped the seed beside the hibiscus and moved along singing after sometime.

Days after their father’s care, the seed sprouted and in no time, they started giving out huge leaves. I wondered what they were. As a nice host that I am (:P), I left it grow and fed it as I’d the others. Three weeks later it gave out a huge bud. I posted all over many forums asking people to identify it. Meanwhile one of the neighbors who looked at it said it’d give out a flower that’d look like a monkey’s face.

Days later people in many forums told that it was Monkey flower. I was so excited and couldn’t to see the bloom, but the bud wouldn’t open yet. It grew and grew and grew… I was expecting a huge Monkey Flower...

It was a week after that that the bud revealed the inside flower a bit…

And then a bit…


Mystery revealed. It turned out to be SUNFLOWER!

And I turned out to be a stupid for not being able to identify the most common plant! Seriously, I’ve never seen Sunflower growing in bunches like this. Even the bottommost node has a bud!

Must be some dwarf and bush variety. Every leaf node has a bud and some grow big and some bloom when small. They’ve been blooming continuously since then.

This is what I call a Jackpot. Thank you Maruta! Thank you Greeshma!


Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Chandramouli,
Thank you for your Diwali wishes. I hope you had a wonderful Diwali too!
Loved reading about Maruta and Greeshma's gift. And since you've nurtured it so well, more such gifts might go your way...So many blooms at one go! Pretty!

Chandramouli S said...

Welcome to Plantville Kanak. It was fun, yes. :)

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Nice post and excellent photos well done/ Tyra
ps check out this!


Chandramouli S said...

Hi Tyra: Welcome to Plantville. I'm glad you liked them :)