Mar 13, 2011

Plantville’s back online

Hello everyone!
It’s nice to be back in blogosphere! First of all, I owe you all a sincere apology for going offline for too long. It’s just a mood swing – I guess I should steal Prue’s blog title and call myself Inept Gardener ‘n’ blogger :D.  Though I have been inactive in this blog, my garden was growing big time, then suffered ignorance, many departed Plantville, and finally, they are coming back to shape now. I was blessed with a nephew on October 2010 and I was also busy with my office. My irregular and frequently changing shifts kind of put me into this inactive mode. Now, finally, I’ve decided to get myself a new, regular job and get myself a life! Phew! Wish that day comes soon…
Anyways, as I told you, my sister gave birth to a cute ball of joy who’s now the most important person in our family. I crocheted him a sweater and jacket! YAY! It was fun. Baby projects always are!
Plantville was doing great in the month of June and July. The Amaryllis Lily and Spider Lily were flowering crazily


 and so was the cape honeysuckle and Adenium.
 This Hummingbird Vine would grow crazily the moment you give it support. 

 It would twist and turn around the twine in no time and cover the vine with lovely scarlet blooms. What a sight it was! Plantville had strange visitors in July 2010.

Unlikely ones like these lovely dragonflies (?) visited Plantville
and I had fun watching them.

Sunflowers and Hibiscus flowered as if it was the end of the world. I even planned to post a blog about them but never got around to doing it. Well, you might get to read that story very soon…
Gerbera too flowered well
and so did Brinjal (eggplant),
but somehow it never yielded fruits.
The mini roses and jasmines did great too.
 And then came the period of ignorance with the onset of rains. The Plantville gardener would hardly water them, prune, or fertilize them. He was irregular. With the onset of cold season, he took up crocheting and knitting in the very little time that he got between office and sleep and would almost always ignore his Plants. He’d occasionally check on them and pick the flowers for his pûja.
With arrival of New Year, things changed. The gardener woke up and began cleaning Plantville. Of course, he had to pay the price of his ignorance. Many departed,
  some fell very sick,
and some were ardently devoted to him.
The good news is, I don’t intend to go back to hibernation mode and have promised myself to sow as much as I can this year. I also plan to launch a crochet and knitting blog titled ‘Cables n Posts’. Will be back soon with more green stories and lookout for the surprise giveaway to celebrate my comeback. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chandramouli! Great to have you back after a l-o-n-g gap! Congrats to your sis on her newborn. And wonderful photos of your blooms! Can't choose a favourite...they all look so good. The last shot looks so much like my yard!;)

Randy Emmitt said...

Welcome back you were missed greatly! The drasgonflies here are actually damselflies, in the same family of course. We loose a lot of plants. Grads on the new family member, I have a grand niece I think is very special too.

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you, Kanak. It feels great to be back.

Randy: Thank you :) Thank you for educating me about them. That was the first time I ever saw them and I saw smaller ones in kind of orange and yellow color too. Are they damselflies too? I hope they return back this year too. Could you tell me what attracts them? It was really fun watching them - they're cool.
Ah, babies at home is a lot fun, ain't it!

tina said...

Well congrats to your sister! This is the same one who was married and you showcased on the blog? How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Chandramouli, it's good to see Plantville again! And congrats on becoming an uncle. I became a grandmother last summer, and it's lovely indeed!

TYRA said...

Applouse! Greast to have you back Chandramouli. Your post is wonderful, so many lovely flowers.


Skeeter said...

Welcome Back! Blogging should be fun and when you dont feel like it, you should not blog! How exciting to have a new family member to adore! We had 3 new baby’s arrive in my family over the past year. Another generation from my nephews and nieces. I am now considered the Great Aunt, ha… How wonderful for you to make an outfit for your new addition. One of many to come I assume… Congrats on your website! You have such a talent with the needles! Good Luck….

Chandramouli S said...

Yes, Tina. It's her.

Tyra: Thank you, so!

Skeeter: Thank you. Three babies! Wow! That's triple fun! Go luck. I hope to start the new blog tomorrow. Let's see...

Anonymous said...

Hello Chandramouli! I also wandered away from my blog and have just returned. I do like the idea of having some plants in the garden who are 'ardently devoted' to you - I'm not sure if any of mine fee that way about me!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

lovely blossoms!

Chandramouli S said...

Oh, I consider myself lucky, gippslandgardener, as I never expected those plants that survived to survive, lest bloom when cared for a little! I'm sure every gardener has their devotees.

Thank you, DGG :)

Dani said...

Great seeing you back in bloggerland! :)

Randy Emmitt said...


If hummingbirds are found in your area you should get them with good flowers and a nectar feeder(don't dye the water it is not needed).

Damselflies like wet grassy areas, did you have a creek or pond nearby? And let the grass grow long they like to hunt for food in it.

Jamie said...

Hi Chandramouli
Good to see your garden in bloom again and your blog in bloom again, too.

Chandramouli S said...

Thank you, Dani. It's great to be back.

Randy: I should try that. I had Hummingbird vine blooming crazily last year but I saw none :(

I garden in terrace so there aren't any ponds or water receptacles nearby as it's the center of the city. May be I should try growing some grass... Thank you for the tip, Randy :)

Thank you, Jamie. Feels like coming back home

Marion said...

Oh, how I've missed you! Welcome back!! Thanks for the fabulous, gorgeous photos. Your little "dragonfly" is, in fact, a Mayfly. The dragonfly holds it's wings out flat, and the mayfly folds its wings. Looking forward to your posts. xo