Mar 9, 2010

The Spring is almost here and the climate is already hot! I envy people from Northern parts of India where I hear it is not yet warm. Hot means watering twice and even if you miss once, you'd end up with sad droopy plants that sometimes might not ever stand back up! Scary, isn't it!
Not much is blooming in Plantville, but those that are, are doing really great like the Pink Ixora.
The Dwarf Oleander is just beginning to bloom after I repotted it. All it's been doing is sending out lots of buds.
The White Oleander is going crazy with its double blooms.
White seems to be ruling Plantville. It is surprising to see that this Jasmine (still trying to find it's botanical name) variety that stops blooming by winter is still sending out two or three blooms every day!
And this Nyctanthes has almost stopped, but for one or two every week.
This Dwarf Ixora seems to welcome the hot sun with the spring coming and so are the Crape Jasmines.
One plant that's really loving this hot sun is this Hummingbird Vine. Its maroon hot blooms really lights up the space. I'm sure this would be welcomed by the cuties over at Catherine's garden. If only, the customs allowed seed shipping, I'd be glad to send some over to her or anyone who have hummingbirds visiting their gardens. I read that the birds love this Vine.
I was speaking of seed starting in my last post and I did start some but only Bush tomato and Purple Basil have germinated.
Others have only weeds in them. Once again, the strawberry seems to have give up on me. Well, the trial would continue.

Looking at all these weed plants and the centipedes in the soil that I buy from nursery, I decided to use coir pith or coco peat as the growing medium. After long, tiring search and many phone calls, I got 4 kgs of coco peat from a dealer here. YAY! I sowed Eggplant, Cayenne Long Pepper, Fennel, Cornflower (I'm longing for these), and Borage. I wish all of them germinate, coz I finally am ready for veggies! I have quite a few radish hybrid seeds but am hesitant to sow them now, as I ended up with junk last year. Do you think this is the right time for radishes? Or do I wait for the end of summer? (It's about 30 deg. C here now - 86 deg. F)


Marion said...

Oh, my, but your blog looks so beautiful! I love the new look. I enjoy seeing your plant babies and the few blooming flowers. I've never sown Basil from seed, but I saved some seeds from last year and planted them last week and I have babies blooming! Yea! I'm so excited. I've also sown tomatoes, Moonflowers, Sunflowers and Yellow Squash. I want to try Coneflowers this year, too. I hope yours do well. Thanks for sharing your garden. Blessings!!

walk2write said...

It's wonderful to see all of your lovely plants again, Chandramouli. That hummingbird vine is one of my favorites, and it self-sows readily. You know, for some reason I've not had good luck with growing many things from seed that I buy, especially veggies. I wonder if sometimes we are getting old seed or if it has been gathered at the wrong time and isn't viable. As for your radish question, I would say the cooler autumn would be a better time to grow them as they don't like the heat.

Randy and Jamie said...

It looks as though everything is coming along nicely in your garden! :-)--Randy

prue said...

I always love it when you post, the pictures are amazing. Love the purple basil. I have some in the balcony garden but it always gets bleached by the sun. Hope the strawberries start co operating!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the new look of your blog!
I wish I could try the Hummingbird vine too! I will have to look that one up, the flowers are really pretty.
To me it seems like a lot is blooming there in Plantville, it looks so nice and warm there. It got down below freezing last night so I can't imagine what too hot feels like right now.

Antigonum Cajan said...

Plantville is looking cool, however, Ipomoea quamoclit has a weird habit of passing away after a while.
One is left with cord like brown dead
vines hanging among the survivors...

On the other hand the incredible amount of seeds will let it come
back close by, or far away....

Anonymous said...

So many new residents to Plantville! You are so very lucky to live where flowers are always blooming. Mine will soon be back though!

shankara said...

Nice Blog Mo,
You might be trying the daisies also this time. Do you also have Camomile? Waiting to see that grow over there....

Chandramouli S said...

Marion: Glad you enjoy my blog. Seed sowing is always fun and exciting. Thank god you reminded me of the Sunflowers! I forgot them! How could I? They'd go into pots within 2 days. Thank you :) Good luck with your babies too.

W2W: Yea, it's a low maintenance vine too! You should keep trying the veggies. Good luck with 'em and thank you for the tip about radishes. I'll wait.

Oh yes, Randy. It's really coming along great. Hope your garden is recuperating and you both are doing well. I missed you guys. Nice to hear you after long.

Thank you Prue. I'm gonna try the Purple Basil Tea soon. The strawberries I guess are really putting up a fight, but I'm gonna try them again by late summer. Or do you suggest I try them again right away? The temp. here is 30 deg. C avg. still.

Hope the climates warm now, Catherine. You definitely should get the Hummingbird vine. It's so easy to germinate and adapts so fast and starts blooming within a month. I'm sure your Humming birds would appreciate it.

Antigonum Cajan: You're right, it self-seeds really well. Thank you :)

Msrobin: Oh, thank you Robin. I sure feel lucky after seeing sleets of snow covering many temperate gardens. Good luck with your garden.

Shankara: Hi Ve, I like the new look too. Do I sound Narcissistic? :D We don't get daisy seeds here ve. No luck with Chamomile yet. I gotta try them again. I really wish they germinate, coz I want them to feed our budgies.

tina said...

It is SO nice having new things come up in the garden. Your seedlings just say spring!

Love the new look of the blog.

P.S. I think melons can be transplanted okay so I'd say you are safe to plant in a tray and then move later.

story said...

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A wildlife gardener said...

Such beautiful plants and flowers...well done for all that you grow, in such warm temperatures :)

Thomas said...

Beautiful pictures! The tomatoes and basil will undoubtedly enjoy the warm weather.

I would probably wait until fall to plant radishes in your area. They tend to be much bitter if grown in hot conditions.