Jun 11, 2009

Can’t think of a title

Hello, everyone! I’m back again to the blogging world. I know I took extra long to come back, the reason being I couldn’t write anything. I’d sit down in front of my computer to start this post, but my mind was blank. As most of you know, I was busy the week before last week on my Sister’s Marriage. It was a grand function! I was happy for my sister that she’s getting married to someone until the day she got married and suddenly I realized that she’s moving out of our family! Yes, she’s been living in Germany for past two years and before that she lived in hostel for four years as her doctorate demanded that she be near her lab, but still she was MY sister and would always be there to watch midnight movies. She was always there for me to make fun of her, to fight with her… to call her MY SISTER! And suddenly the fact that she’ll have a family of her own and that when in India she can no more spend all of her time over at my place sounds scary.

For some of you this might be strange as your sisters and brothers might move out once they’re twenty-plus but in almost all of the Indian families we live together and the sudden moving out comes as a shock. I was difficult for me to accept the fact – the reality… I read somewhere that Marriage is an introduction to reality! Now I realize how true it is…

Well, while I was over at the marriage hall for about two and half days, we trusted our building’s caretaker to water out plants but I don’t know if she didn’t water our plants well of my plants started missing our presence, some of them died! After the marriage, bidding her goodbye to her in-laws (which was so damned painful), I return back home and ran up to the terrace to check my babies out. It only added to my grief! I saw this all around the garden…

Did they miss our (my mom/mine) presence? They seemed to reflect my state of mind, as if joining in my grief. The Rangoon Creeper was completely yellow and the next day, it looked a wee better but nothing promising. I realized that it was time to do major jobs on all my babies. It was especially sad to see the Common Leucas all dried up – it used to give me at least a hundred flowers every day! Yes, you heard me right – hundred is the number! The Jasmines were attacked by spider mites (I couldn’t bear to photograph it)! It was as if they were crying up on looking at me.

The Gaillardias added to the fuel and a lump rose up to my throat. I couldn’t stand there helplessly, as it was scorching hot and I couldn’t water the babies. I ran back down and tried to get my mind off all the thoughts – the thoughts of missing my sister and my hurting plants!

It was a painful night, but the next day when I watered them all amply, one of the plants surprised me with this.

It was as if saying, “Your sister found her match in life like we did!”

A smile curved my lips lightly and I continued on with watering…

I had to pull out certain plants like this unknown mystery. Some had to be heavily pruned and some needed cleanup. While cutting down the Butterfly Pea, I saw this –

This was the culprit that reduced this Vines flowers. Out came soap water spray and that seems to have done the trick. The vine looks a lot healthy now.

Though almost every pot had some sadness in it, this one particular pot totally surprise me. I had initially planted the Wood Apple tree in it which didn’t seem to grow well at all and stopped growing after months of pruning, fertilizing, etc., so before the dewy season, I cut it down to the root. I tried to pull it out, but it was disturbing my Passion Flower Vine that shared the pot with Wood Apple. So I left it as such thinking Wood Apple would never make it, but now look at it! It looks sooo fresh – much better than when I bought it. Now it needs a separate pot, but is that possible? Will I be able to separate the vine and the tree without hurting the other? Let’s see.

Now after a week, after going over many wonderful blogs, with my work keeping my mind busy, with the cleaning up of every pot and plant, I’ve gotten over my emotions, of course not completely, but I feel better enough to write this post. I know this all sounds stupid – my emotions about my sister being separated and all that. I’d have laughed at my dad or my uncle if they’d told me they had similar feeling about their sisters. I’d have thought they were being silly, but now I realize how difficult it is! [sigh]

Note to my sis: Hi, I wish you hadn’t read this post, as I don’t want you thinking that I’m sad. If you have, yes, I am a bit, but I am more than happy that you have a family of your own now and I’ll still be there for you.


Jimmy and Wade said...

Mouli, Jimmy and I have missed being able to read your blog and are glad you are back. I know your plants were glad to see you as well. Keep that smile on your face and happy gardening.

Rose said...

So glad you're back, Chandramouli! But it looks as though your plants were grief-stricken at your absence. I hope with regular watering and your TLC, they will all come back and help to put a smile on your face once again. Don't be embarrassed about missing your sister; I think it's wonderful that you have such a close relationship. It's always hard when someone close to you moves away.

prue said...

Welcome back to the land of blog. Grrr to those who neglected your plants, but I am sure with your care they will spring back just fine. Congrats to your sister, so lovely she found a match! All the best fixing up the garden and adjusting to the changes in the household. it is so lovely that you are both so close, my brother and I barely say hi to each other when I am in town.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I think it's great that you and your sister have such a close bond. I remember feeling sad when the one sister I'm closet to got married.
I'm sorry to hear about your poor plants, I'm sure with your care they'll be looking happy and green and producing lots of beautiful flowers soon. Glad you're back!

Linda Lunda said...

OHHHH Yes!!! Wellcome back! I have missed you !!!!

tina said...

Well said. Your love for your sister comes through loud and clear and I am glad you explained about Indian families. A new beginning and an end, but that is life. Your plants will recover, your sister will flourish, and we live. A wonderful a thing. Take care.

P.S. That bug is ugly!

Jamie and Randy said...

Glad to have you back Mouli, we've misse you while you were gone. :-)--Randy

Michelle said...

I was wondering where you'd got to, welcome back! Your poor plants really did suffer in your absence, or perhaps they're suffering with you. It must be mighty hot for your plants to look so bad so quickly.


Welcome back. AndI hope you don't miss your sister too much.

Is that the amaryllis putting forth buds?What colour will they be, I wonder

Kanak Hagjer said...

Welcome back!! I can understand about missing your sister. The closeness you share is wonderful. I hope that your plants don't take long to get back to their former healthy/green selves. All the best!

walk2write said...

I'm glad you're back, Chandramouli. I've missed your posts and comments. We had a bit of culture clash in our own family at the end of last year. DIL's Peruvian mom had moved in with her and our son to help take care of our grandson. She sold her house in Lima and most of her possessions, not fully comprehending the immigration rules or cultural expectations here. Son said things got very tense when she had to leave, and communication between our DIL and her mom is now very strained. I'm happy for you that your sis and you are close. It's a blessing for sure. I hope your poor plants recover. I'm sure your good intention and care will go a long way to helping them recover.

Randy Emmitt said...


It is so good that you and your sister are so close. She'll be there when your both old. Be thankful for having so much... Glad your back!

Antigonum Cajan said...

Well now it will be a matter of
time, to wait for yours.
I was married on 3 times, thanks
to planning without children.
Therefore, I have more time
to deal with my garden, and have
no responsibility regarding
earth overcrowding and excessive
Until then....

Green thumb said...

Oh dear Chandramouli, I can fully understand your sentiments. But you know life is all about change, and though on most occasions we detest change, yet it is what make us strong, mature and a better person. I am sure your sis also must be quite anxious, may be even more than you, but with time things will start looking so much better.
Well take care of your babies because at least they are not going to leave you soon, and remember to give a nice big whack to your building caretaker:-)

Chandramouli S said...

Jimmy & Wade: Thank you so much. Those kind words soothe my mind :)

Rose: They were, Rose. I'm leaving the house for three more days again and I hope this time my building caretaker does her job. I can't stand to see my babies sick again, deliberately. I'm getting used to the changes in my family and relations now. In fact my BIL seems to be a great guy and I'm now really happy that my sis did find a great guy in her life.

Prue: Aaah! Close, yes. We were and are. Now that I re-read my post, I find it a bit too much, I mean, that's how life is, right? we love each other a lot.

Catherine: Such times are always difficult isn't is, Catherine? Almost all the plants have recovered but I'm lagging behind in cleaning. It needs to be postpone again for a week as we have a trip planned next week with our sis and BIL.

Thank you, Linda. Your words provides the much needed warmth to my heart.

Right said, Tina. Such times teaches us a lot about life! Ughhh, yes that is such a nasty bug. You able to identify what it is? It seems to have come back again. I gotta spray them again tomorrow.

I missed you too and your blog, Jamie and Randy. I'll be back replying in your blogs after next week, as I said, we have a trip planned next week to countryside. I'm looking forward for exotic flowers to photograph!

It's really hot here, Michelle. I miss watering in the evening or morning and the plants would wilt in no time. During spring anD summer, plants here need watering twice!

Raji Muthukrishnan: I'm getting over it, Ma'am. Yesterday, when I saw my sis and BIL together, I realized that she'd be happy in her life and that made my worries vanish, but sometimes it hurts, but hey, time would heal that. I started telling my self that I have earned more relations now, and I didn't lose any.

Thank you, Kanak. The plants are healthy again, just they need a bit of cleaning up for a better look, which would have to wait for another week until I return back from the trip.

Charlotte said...

I have only just found your blog and think it's great! Will be following it to see what happens next.

Sunita said...

Chandramouli, first of all, my best wishes to your sister.
I'm sorry you had such a sad homecoming. I hope your plants will pick up now that you're back home to pamper them.
Have you tried using neem oil on your plants? Its very effective at keeping the bug population down. Wait a bit till your plants recover and then maybe you could try it out.

Marion said...

Oh, my flower-friend, I could feel your pain as I read your post: the bittersweet sadness at losing your sister (albeit to marriage) and the sorrow at the neglect of your beloved plants! I believe that our plants do mirror our feelings. I'm just glad that you're back home to nurture and care for them!

Congratulations to your sister and good luck reviving all of your plant babies.

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're back online. Congratulations to your sister. I know you will be able to nurse your plants back to health...

Chandramouli S said...

W2W: Aaah! I see you've been there! Cultural mix-ups are always difficult to cope up with. Thank your for your regards for my plants. They've again fallen a bit out of normal health due to my trip for three days this week.

Thank you, Randy :) Yes, we're very close and now after our recent trip to nearby place with my BIL, I'm happy for her and my complaints seem silly. I'm very happy for my sis now :). I'm happy that I found another nice person - my BIL and their family!

AC: LOL! I understand. That was a good one :)

Right said, GT. I'm trying to nurture my babies back to health now and as I said, I've come to realize that I haven't lost my sister but just gained new relations.

Charlotte: Welcome to Plantville. The Green City has grown really well since its inception and every citizen of this city is close to my heart and taught me many a things. Glad you liked my blog. Hope you come again soon...

Thank you, Sunita :) The sadness is all gone after my recent trip with my family and my BIL. It was great. Loads of photos to come in the next few posts from the trip.

Marion: It was bitter-sweet sadness! Exactly! You said the right word! Wow! Thank you and now things have changed and I'm a lot lot better and feeling great.

Thank you again :)

Kelly: Thanks a bunch. Things are falling into place and it's all great now!