Aug 28, 2008

An annex to Plantville

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written my blog, the reason being my Plantville’s got an annex Block! Yipeee! Time for celebration! C’mon everybody, Cheers! :D

I know, I know, I’m a bit overexcited. Well, I should be! Last time I said that I had to go shopping and I did! It was definitely fun, but the reason for shopping was not to pot the sunflowers [sniff, sniff]. They are bid goodbye to me. Looking at those smiling healthy seedlings, would you have thought they’d all not survive (I just don’t wanna use that negative word)? At least one could’ve stayed with me, but no sir, they all decided to call it quits. The reason for the five potted ones to leave could’ve been because of transplanting? ‘Cause I heard that sunflowers are best grown in situ, well I didn’t give a damn to that statement and I got paid for what I did. About the seedlings in the box, I guess they were too crowded and started falling back to the ground due to lack of space? Nutrients? And the lone survivor couldn’t fight anymore too. He left me [sniff] too.

[SIGH] Enough of sad stuff, let’s get cheery, for it’s celebration time. I (rather we – my mom and I) went for shopping to EC Road (a long stretch of highway that’s spotted with many nurseries) and came back with bags of saplings. I wanted to go out to many other nurseries, but my Scooty couldn’t hold even those few saplings that we bought, so I had to return back. Damn! Now that I think about it, I wish I could’ve taken my DigiCam. Stupid me. I wanted to buy one of everything there, as almost all saplings were smiling at me with their blooms – Varieties of Hibiscus-es, Lilies, Honeysuckles, Allamandas, False Eranthemums, Portulacas, Ixoras, Oleanders, Pomegranates, and many others – some of whose names neither I nor the nursery owner knew exactly.
It took another four days to pot them all – I know it shouldn’t have taken so long, as I could’ve done it all in a day, but what with my night shifts, non-availability of sand, soil, et cetera. By the time I potted them all few started wilting, like the poor False Eranthemum and Rose Allamanda (that’s what I think it is, :P), but stood healthily the next day with the full sun energizing them.

Problems follow anywhere you go right? Yes, and it did my plants too to the terrace in the form of naughty squirrels. They seem to especially like my Ruellia blooms and tear them away the moment the bloom and the most saddening thing is that they all the Hibiscus buds! I came up with a garlic, chilli mix which seemed to drive them away, but I forgot that we had slight rains after I sprayed it, but the mix did keep them away for almost a week and I was happy to enjoy my ever-blooming Ruellias, but this morning again when I went to check on them, two naughty rascals scurried out of sight. I’m off now, as it’s time for the mix again (while you enjoy... I hope my plants' beauty)...

Hippeastrum hybrid (Amaryllis Lily) - This one gave out 2 beautiful flowers, but bad me, I didn't capture its beauty
Tecomaria capensis (Cape Honeysuckle)
Plumbago auriculata (Plumbago) - Nîla Chitraka Pereskia bleo (Rose Cactus)
Hibiscus rosa-sinesis (Yellow Hibiscus)(Red Hibiscus) - Japâ-pushpaIxora Coccinea (Yellow Ixora)
(Orange Ixora)(Dwarf Ixora)Punica granatum (Pomegranate) - Dâdima (Allamanda couldn't wait for her chance)
Cryptostegia grandiflora (Rubber Vine)Ruellia Brittoniana (Desert Petunia)Pseuderamthemum reticulatum (False Eranthemum)
Adenium obesum (Desert Rose)
Zephyranthes candida & Zephyranthes rosea (Rain White & Rose)
Zephyranthes citrina (Rain Lily Yellow)
...Oh, I almost forgot. Before I let you go, I'm gonna bore you with my lil' poem (well, if you can call it that), which is a prayer to the Goddess of fertility for my plants.

O' Kardama! Come to my garden, where lovely women are waiting for you.
And Ciklîta, you too follow your dear brother, as Nîla Citraka's waiting for you,
Now Karîshinî, how can you stay without your dear sons?
Come stay in my garden and keep your sons and daughter-in-laws happy.

Note: Kardama and Ciklîta are of Goddess Lakshmî (also called Karîshinî - abounding in dung)


Matron said...

I can imagine some of those flowers are wonderfully scented - but Matron does not do flowers (because you can't eat flowers!) are you growing any edibles there?

Chandramouli S said...

Right now I got only Pomegranate, but others are still growing - Chilli, Luffa, Tomato, and Pumpkin - these just seedlings now.

Krinish said...

Wow, soo mnay new plants...
getting into it big time.
Cheers man....
I got no camera,I know its a sin.
i have done soo much in the last two weeks, my gerbera and lily are doing great. i transplanted Zinnias and cosmos...

Sue Swift said...

Love the cape Honeysuckle ...

Green thumb said...

What a nice collection of new wonder you are so excited! I can see a number of plants common in our garden like Dwarf Ixora, Ruellia, Plumbago....
Best Wishes

Chandramouli S said...

Krinish: Hi there! I know how great it feels when you display your plants' snaps.

Sue: Hi! I love 'em sooo! Beautiful aren't they!

Green Thumb: Hi! Yes, I am... Of course :D. But maintaining them and keeping them off the pests and insects seems a challenge now.

Barbee' said...

Hello, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. You have a very nice collection of plants. It does take a good bit of time to get everything needed together so they can all be put into pots. Sometimes, I think I have everything, but I find I have run out of something and have to go buy another bag. Taking care of living plants is not easy... the bugs, the animals, the weather, etc. on and on, so I wish you good luck with your pretty flowers. I like you nice poem.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Barbee!
It's an honor to have been visited by an experienced gardener. Welcome to the tiny Plantville :). Yes, for a beginner it's so difficult to a bug on my plants, or a leaf wilting, or seedling dying and all that stuff, but I guess, you learn only when you kill few plants - like they say comically - "one needs to kill 'n' patients to become a doctor." (I know that sounds gross, but it's a joke)